About ERP LogicGlobal partner for SAP®

ERP Logic is a global SAP® cloud-based solutions company. We provide Software, implementation and application services. Our target markets are mid-sized companies as well as subsidiary and joint venture operations of large enterprises who are looking to deploy a two tier ERP solution strategy of SAP® ECC for large operations and cloud–based solutions for smaller business units.

Our solutions enable our customers to thrive in a global market by providing cost-effective, powerful and fully integrated SAP® cloud-based enterprise solutions. We provide customers end-to-end process management within and between organizations to perform like one company globally. We also help companies maximize their IT investment with services to adapt and respond to changes in their business environment to accelerate operational efficiencies.

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About SAP®Pioneer in ERP Solutions

SAP® is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service. Based on market capitalization, SAP® is the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer. As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP® is at the center of today’s business and technology revolution and is the pioneer in Enterprise Solutions Software.

SAP® helps customers to streamline their processes, giving them the ability to use live data to predict customer trends – live and in the moment. SAP® is making inroads into emerging technologies like Cloud Solutions, Hybrid Infrastructure, Internet-of-Things, Big Data, Predictive Analytics & Virtual Reality. SAP® is headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, with regional offices in 130 countries. The company has over 335,000 customers in 190 countries.

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Our ServicesSAP® Education | SAP® Training | SAP® Certification

SAP® Training for Individuals

SAP® programs offers individuals to gain knowledge in business and technologies in line with the changing global market. Read more...

SAP® Training for Corporates

For SAP® end-user and project teams, we offer corporate training on SAP® programs (with or without certification). Read more...

SAP® Training for Institutions

SAP® and the ERP Logic jointly offers SAP® programs for students from Educational Institutions for their future careers. Read more...

SAP® Training & Certifications

We provide SAP® Certification courses in various modules which helps candidates to choose their career paths. Read more...

Why ERP Logic Authorised SAP® Education Partner

  • Latest Teaching Technology

    Our advanced training facilities & latest teaching methodology ensures that the candidates learn SAP® more effectively without worrying about the network speed, connectivity issues, voice breaks or delays.

  • Quality of Teaching

    ERP Logic ensures highest quality of service delivery, we are an authorized training center for SAP® education in India. We offer training for all the modules in their latest standard versions.

  • Experience in Industry

    With more years of unrivaled industry experience in delivering SAP® services, we believe in providing advanced knowledge and skills to our candidates. We understand how swiftly the SAP® market is evolving and their future direction.


Opportunities in SAP®We prepare you for challenging global opportunities

Customers Using SAP®

More than 183,000 customers in 130 plus countries use SAP® software applications. Contrary to the common knowledge that SAP® is for big businesses, today over 80% of its customers are small and medium enterprises. At the same time 80% of Fortune 500 companies use one or the other SAP® applications Read more...

Technology Growth

The technology factors driving the exponential growth within SAP® are Data & Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber Security. The areas of Customer Engagement, Business Innovation, Internal Process Changes, IT Transformation and Digital Ecosystems are directing this digital shift towards future. Read more...

Market placement

SAP® holds the biggest chunk of total market share in Enterprise Applications. SAP® caters to all industries ranging from Manufacturing, Mining, Retail, Professional Services, Oil & Gas, Banking and so on. The ERP market size is predicted to be $41.69B in 2020 according to Allied Market Research. Read more...

Market Comparison

For any company needing an ERP solution spanning from pre-sales to financial control, from production to quality assurance, from supply chain management to retail chain management and with complex inter-operability between business units, SAP® is the best integrated solution covering everything. Read more...

TestimonialsWhat our Students say about us

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